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Abstract: Apple Watch will be pre-ordered on Friday, and the scheduled trial service will be opened at the same time. If you intend to purchase Apple Watch after April 24th, Love Watch will show you how to book Apple Watch. 1. Apple watches must be purchased in a predetermined way. If you don’t plan to go directly to the Apple Wholesale store, you can’t buy it…

Apple Watch will open pre-order this Friday, and at the same time open the scheduled trial service, if you intend to purchase Apple Watch after April 24, Love Watch first take you to see how to book Apple Watch.

  1. Apple watches must be purchased in a predetermined way. It is very important to purchase them without going directly to the Apple Wholesale Store.
  2. The scheduled opening hours are Friday, April 10 at 3:01 pm. If you are interested in pre-ordering an Apple Watch, the sooner you should be able to book your favorite style.
  3. There are two ways to pre-order online. The first one is to purchase through Apple’s online store. The payment method supports debit card, credit card and Alipay. The payment speed is the fastest with VISA or MasterCard credit card. No need to jump to other payment. website. After the watch is officially sold, Apple will deliver the watch to your address by courier.

The second is to book on Apple’s official website, and then go to the Apple Wholesale Store you selected at the time of booking to pick up the goods. The online booking process may require your mobile phone number, ID number and Apple ID (Apple account). If you are a user of Apple products, you have already registered your Apple ID. In order to ensure the booking process is smooth, you should remember the Apple ID and password before you book. If you really don’t have it or forget it, you can now go to Apple’s “My Apple ID” page to stop signing up.

  1. At the same time as the pre-order, the user can also apply for the trial service through Apple’s official website and Apple Store mobile application (note: not the App Store). Generally speaking, everyone will have 15 minutes to try on the Apple Watch, but try to wear it. It is not necessary to go straight into the Apple Store and there will be a clerk to try out for you.
  2. The need to remind you that Apple Watch must be used with the iPhone, no Apple Apple Watch will not be activated. Apple Watch support includes models after the iPhone 5, and the iOS version must be above 8.2.

If you still have questions, please visit Apple’s official website “Apple Watch Pre-Order Guide” page.

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