How Apple Certification Can Open Doors of Opportunities for Technicians

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So you want to be a certified Mac technician? Well, you should know that Apple works day in and day out to elevate their products, to the point that there are now more of its parts. After all, quality is what made and kept Apple Mac products to the top. However, when it comes down to it, a laptop, whatever name it has, is still a laptop, and that piece of electronic needs maintenance. Like desktops, smartphones, mp3 players, watches, tablets, etc. This is where the importance of Apple technicians comes to place and how enrolling in Apple training courses can help you achieve your dreams. 

The certification is called ACMT of Apple Certified Macintosh Technician. It’s a wonderful certification that opens a lot of opportunities, particularly for those who are already hardware technicians who have been hindered by the brand’s strict warranty, and those who are looking to work exclusively with Apple products. If you’re looking for an Apple training course, there are a lot of certified institutions that provide training at an affordable cost. 

Apple is arguably the most recognized brand the world of electronics today. While some may prefer its close rivals for different reasons, there is no denying that Apple is a household name in electronics, especially in computer and mobile phones. The product’s popularity simply that, with the product’s worldwide popularity, having this vendor-certification means you are not classifying yourself by any stretch of your imagination. 
Being a certified Apple technician means you have the working understanding of Apple products, from the MacOS, installation, troubleshooting, and its hardware. Aspiring technicians will need to pass two tests from Apple, namely Macintosh Service Certification Exam (more about the hardware) and OS X Yosemite 10, as well as 10 Troubleshooting Examination (more about the software). Each test costs $150, and to pass and to get a certification, you need to score a perfect 100% in certain areas, such as Electrostatic Discharge Precautions and Embedded Battery. In other areas, you need to get at least 80%. Obviously, you don’t want to waste your money and take multiple exams just to pass. The task may sound daunting, but with the right Apple training course, there is no reason why you can’t be certified and start working your way to the top. 

Getting the exam gives technicians access to Apple’s Global Service Exchange, where they can access chat support from highly trained and experienced Apple-employed technicians and order components are that are impossible to get anywhere else in the world. Also, Apple certified technicians can repair Apple machines under AppleCare warranty, which means they can provide repair and maintenance services without violating the warranty terms of the products. Ultimately, Apple certification opens a lot of doors for those who want to make a good living, as tons of Apple-certified service partners, resellers, and self-supporting institutions such as universities require their expertise. 

Before you get too excited and jump to the bandwagon, you need to get the right training materials to better equip you with the knowledge and skills to pass the exam. There are lots of sites out there that claim to have the best resources and review materials, but not all of them stay true to their claim. Thus, it’s always good to do your homework and start with a thorough research on where to get the right Apple training course. 


Apple Watch is not on sale, package photo has been exposed

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Abstract: Just as the waiting Apple Watch will be released, the Daily Post reporter Jeremy has released several Apple Watch boxes and Apple Watch Wristband Accessories boxes in my Instagram account. Photo. The box in the picture is the 42mm stainless steel version of the apple hand that will be released…

Just as the waiting Apple Watch line will be released, the Daily Post reporter Jeremy has released several high-resolution photos of Apple Watch and Apple Watch Wristband Boxes on my Instagram account.

The box in the picture is the box of the 42mm stainless steel version of the Apple Watch and the Milanese loop wristband. At the same time, another picture is suspected to be the box of the apple leather wristband.

If this photo is true, it seems that Apple has adopted the same minimalist style packaging as the previous products in the latest Apple Watch products. However, from the picture content, Apple seems to use the relatively rare polycarbonate material for the Apple Watch box.

Jeremy revealed that in terms of my trial experience, the feel and detailed application of the Apple Watch are better than I expected. In terms of wristbands, Jeremy prefers stainless steel wristbands instead of leather.

Apple Watch will officially start pre-sales on Friday, and will be available in nine countries on April 24. According to an internal memo of the media that the media learned recently, Angela, the senior vice president of the company’s wholesale department, strongly urged the wholesale store staff to change the customer’s concept and encouraged them to choose Apple’s online store to purchase Apple Watch and 12-inch MacBook. This may mean that Apple Watch’s inventory in the Apple Store will be very limited.


Apple Watch Appointment Process Tutorial

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Abstract: Apple Watch will be pre-ordered on Friday, and the scheduled trial service will be opened at the same time. If you intend to purchase Apple Watch after April 24th, Love Watch will show you how to book Apple Watch. 1. Apple watches must be purchased in a predetermined way. If you don’t plan to go directly to the Apple Wholesale store, you can’t buy it…

Apple Watch will open pre-order this Friday, and at the same time open the scheduled trial service, if you intend to purchase Apple Watch after April 24, Love Watch first take you to see how to book Apple Watch.

  1. Apple watches must be purchased in a predetermined way. It is very important to purchase them without going directly to the Apple Wholesale Store.
  2. The scheduled opening hours are Friday, April 10 at 3:01 pm. If you are interested in pre-ordering an Apple Watch, the sooner you should be able to book your favorite style.
  3. There are two ways to pre-order online. The first one is to purchase through Apple’s online store. The payment method supports debit card, credit card and Alipay. The payment speed is the fastest with VISA or MasterCard credit card. No need to jump to other payment. website. After the watch is officially sold, Apple will deliver the watch to your address by courier.

The second is to book on Apple’s official website, and then go to the Apple Wholesale Store you selected at the time of booking to pick up the goods. The online booking process may require your mobile phone number, ID number and Apple ID (Apple account). If you are a user of Apple products, you have already registered your Apple ID. In order to ensure the booking process is smooth, you should remember the Apple ID and password before you book. If you really don’t have it or forget it, you can now go to Apple’s “My Apple ID” page to stop signing up.

  1. At the same time as the pre-order, the user can also apply for the trial service through Apple’s official website and Apple Store mobile application (note: not the App Store). Generally speaking, everyone will have 15 minutes to try on the Apple Watch, but try to wear it. It is not necessary to go straight into the Apple Store and there will be a clerk to try out for you.
  2. The need to remind you that Apple Watch must be used with the iPhone, no Apple Apple Watch will not be activated. Apple Watch support includes models after the iPhone 5, and the iOS version must be above 8.2.

If you still have questions, please visit Apple’s official website “Apple Watch Pre-Order Guide” page.