Partnering with Made in China Sourcing is tactful, cost-effective and time friendly

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China, once a giant at the helm in manufacturing products has in recent times seen a slow-down and almost flat performance in its preeminence to manufacture and export. Inherent of rising costs due to a higher wage bill, more demand for products back home and other major macroeconomic realities are some of the factors influencing China’s flat manufacturing performance. This has affected the whole spectrum, from manufacturing companies in China to business people overseas sourcing products from china manufacturers

The future may be unpredictable for what will be of China’s manufacturing prowess, but what is certain is that production costs are higher and anyone looking or has been sourcing products from China manufacturers will now have to dig deeper into their pockets.

If you are among the many facing this inevitable reality as an importer of products from China, you can still survive and be successful in your business by hiring professional expertise that will make sure you don’t face costly risks. As a business person you may be looking for such service and unsure of which company to partner with. The highly professional with over ten years of experience staff at Made in China Sourcing can undoubtedly help you transform your woes into success.

Ironing out the bottlenecks that add to the expense of the already high cost of sourcing products is where Made in China Sourcing can assist you in. Partnering with them can help avert costly risks such as dealing with ghost companies masquerading as manufacturing companies or acquiring low-quality products which cannot be sold thus incurring a great loss.

About their services

Negotiating and product sourcing: The team at Made in China has the expertise to do a background check on the companies that manufacture your products; they will then confirm legitimacy of the companies and start a negotiating process suitable for you at your request.

Experience with Industries: Dealing with people who have had prior on the ground experience is both tactful and can save you the convoluted process as you get to learn from the experts. The Made in China sourcing company has a decade’s experience in dealing with large and small scale sourcing projects. They also have experience with many chinese manufacturer in various industries such as aluminum extrusions manufacturers china in the hardware industry.

Inspection tours: Let’s say your manufacturer of choice is aluminium extrusions china. The Made in China team can organize your visit and stay in China including making it easier for you to transit around China by organizing suitable transportation, accommodation, factory introductions and translation services.

Quality control: Arguably, most business people looking to import a consignment from China have their priorities set on getting the right price. They often overlook the quality aspect and rely on the manufacturer’s in-house quality control to verify the quality of products. Instead, Made in China does the quality control inspection for you which is a guarantee as the in-house inspection may have vested interests.

 Exporting: They have the expertise and save you the burden of dealing with your country’s customs as well as advice you if your products require an import permit.

As a fact, partnering with Made in China Sourcing is tactful, cost friendly and time efficient which in turn saves you the money that will then steer your growth and success. Find out more here: http://www.chinese-manufacturer.com/


Engaging the Services of Chartered Accountants in Auckland

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Businesses are run with a focus on increasing the sales and improving the product or service offerings to customers and so on. Profit making is also one of the objectives; if a business does not make profits consistently, then the future of the business itself will be in jeopardy. But while doing all these, the business owners and the management team have to keep track of the finances of the company. Internally, there would be accountants to handle the day to day accounting of income and expenditure. However, when it comes to financial planning and structuring of the company’s finances and dealing with taxation matters, you will need the services of a professional accountant or an accounting firm. If your business happens to be in New Zealand, you can approach one of the chartered accountants Auckland has today to handle these.

Services a Chartered Accountant Can Provide

There are a number of areas where a qualified and experienced chartered accountant can be of assistance to any business, big or small. These include:

  • Financial planning and investment advice: This involves a deep understanding of the present financial status of the company and based on the projections for the future, preparing a financial road plan for the company. If there is a surplus cash flow, the chartered accountant can give advice on the best instruments the company can invest its funds in. Instead of the funds lying idle, the objective would be to make the funds grow in value but without any risks. Deep knowledge of the financial markets would be essential, and you can expect the chartered accountants Auckland offers to possess such knowledge. These can be broadly classified as business advisory services.
  • Taxation Related Advice/ Actions: Taxation for any level of business is a specialised area and outsourced help is practically mandatory. Tax planning, ensuring that the taxes are paid at the right time and filing of returns as prescribed by the tax authorities are all handled efficiently by the chartered accountants. There may be other returns to be submitted. If your company has been chosen for audit by the Inland Revenue department, you will need the professional guidance of the chartered accountant to handle the intricacies with tact.
  • Normal Auditing Services: Even if you have employed accountants on your regular payroll to handle the day to day accounting work, you will have to have the books audited by an external agency. Here depending on the nature of the organisation in New Zealand, there are statutory audit requirements also to be met. These are also in the portfolio of services rendered by chartered accountants Auckland wide.

Besides these, the CA firm also handles assignments like setting up of new firms and the formalities related to it. There may be foreign companies registered and operating in New Zealand and the regulations in their case also apply differently. The chartered accountants will be fully equipped to deal with all the requirements so that the foreign companies stay on the right side of the local laws. Any which way you look at it, the services of chartered accountants are inevitable for every business organisation.


Political Risk Insurance for Exporters – Making no Mistake About It!

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Probably, the biggest blunder an exporter can make is to invest in an overseas market without first carrying out a political risk assessment. It’s true, coups, civil strife, and acts of terrorism do not occur every other day, but the possibility that these unpredictable events can affect a multi-billion export business and bring it to its knees is scary enough to warrant the deployment of some of kind of a safety net. But what exactly should be on your mind as you consider polical risk insurance by Niche Trade Credit for the protection of your business?

Polical Risk Insurance by Niche Trade Credit

Understand the Risks Involved

To reap real benefits of political insurance, you really need to understand the nature and extent of risks involved in the overseas market you’re targeting.  Think about the chances that some buyers may fail to compensate you for a shipment that’s already been delivered. Is the market stable enough, and are you looking at macro or micro political risks? You may need to research your target market thoroughly prior to making any significant move.

So, what if a political assessment reveals real risks? Does that mean you don’t invest, or you focus on less risky areas? Far from it! The purpose of studying political risks prior to investing in an overseas market is to give you an insider perspective of issues that can affect your business there, and that helps you identify aspects of your investment that you need protected, for example by polical risk insurance by Niche Trade Credit. Proven risks need not scare you out of business!

Custom Protection

True, political risks in a specified market will affect all multinationals operating there, but that does not mean every policy offered is ideal for every type of business. So, anyone promising protection against political risks should be able to provide a custom solution that addresses the exact risks and negative issues your business is going to face, both in the short-term and long-term.

It’s essential that you find out what exact issues are covered under a particular insurance coverage. This is an important safeguard, as your business may be significantly hit if a certain event that’s not covered under your policy occurs. For example, is the policy helpful in case default results from government interference, such as the cancellation of a contract? What’s the deal when a foreign buyer goes bankrupt and they just can’t repay for goods or services already delivered?

Reaching an Understanding

You should not make the mistake of assuming compensation will be immediate and automatic once a risk covered under a policy has come to pass. It, thus, makes sense to have candid conversation with your prospective insurer and discuss issues such as the circumstances under which compensation will be available. In most cases, certain conditions have to be met, and you may even be required to exhaust other avenues for recourse before you can be paid anything for your losses.

Protection, such as polical risk insurance by Niche Trade Credit, can save the day when you’re operating in an uncertain, overseas climate. To be on the safe side, ensure that you know the political risks your business will face, and understand what benefits a specific cover provides.


Common Tax Issues Faced by Small Businesses

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All businesses must have access to accounting services whether they are big or small if they want to see continued success into the future. Big businesses generally have no problem hiring and retaining professional accounting personnel and services but small businesses face a myriad of challenges when it comes to their tax and accounting needs. That is why it is always important for these businesses to have insurance against tax investigations because numerous times, they will be in the radar of the CRA who would want to see if the business has accurate asset declaration and is in compliance with tax obligations.

insurance against tax investigation

To stay one step ahead in the game, it is important to know some of the common mistakes and problems faced by many other small businesses in Canada. Here is a look at some of the most common accounting and tax issues faced by these small businesses:

Your Bookkeeping Time

Professional accounting begins with very good bookkeeping. Your record keeping must be excellent and have meticulous records on everything including all monthly receipts and expenditures. Generally, record keeping is quite a time-consuming exercise and may even distract you from the day to day running of your business which is why it is always important to hire a tax professional that will take care of your tax records.

You might also face a tax audit in the future so it is always important to have insurance against tax investigation. With excellent record keeping for your small business, you can always have excellent pay offs in the future. It means you will have an easier time when it comes to filing your tax reports and will also lower your accounting expenses. To insure further against future accounting costs when filing your taxes, you can also take up the insurance against tax investigation.

In the early years of the business, record keeping will seem quite easy but as your business grows and the records pile up, the task is going to get a little more tedious. If you are an entrepreneur working 16 hours a day to grow your business, the last thing you want is spending several hours a week organizing your expenses and bookkeeping. That is why it is always important to outsource it to your accountant. Outsourcing also helps you streamline you day to day business operations and run your business more efficiently.

Business Regulations

Many Canadian smaller businesses generally fail to adhere to business regulations both at the local and national level. If you do not do things the right way, you might find yourself subjected to various fines by the CRA and various other Canadian authorities which will deeply cut into your business bottom line. It is also important to note that tax and business regulations change frequently and you need to keep track of these which may take up a lot of your business hours. Keep track of these by hiring a professional accountant.

Failing to Have a Partner Agreement

Most small businesses start out without partner agreements. Even if you are starting out a business with a close friend or even a family member, it is always important to have a partner agreement in place. This agreement should be very business-focused and not a gentleman’s agreement.

Failing to Launch the Business as a Corporation or LLC

How will your business be referred to for taxation or legal purposes? Small startups have various legal options available for them including sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, limited liability companies etc. If you will be in business for the long term =, it is always best to start out as an LLC or as a corporation.


Assistance in Logistics: 5 Great Benefits of Freight Forwarding Services

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Running a business in Sydney that consistently deals with high volumes of cargo can be a hectic job. By and large, it will involve a lot of demanding work, such as making import and export arrangements, preparing documents for logistics, filing for insurance, tracking shipments, and other related tasks. Now, just a single mistake in performing these tasks can lead to serious problems that can have a huge impact on your operations. To avoid this scenario, it is best to hire a freight forwarder Sydney has to handle the work for you. Better yet, this company can provide you with a number benefits that are truly helpful to your business as a whole, such as:

freight forwarder sydney

1. Better Managed and Organised Shipment System

A freight forwarder in Sydney will provide you a better managed and organized system that is essential for your shipment operations to succeed. Basically, they allow you to have better control over your supply chain and recover quickly in the event a shipment is lost. This company typically has access to a nimble network that they can utilize to trace problems directly to their sources and then come up with immediate solutions.For more details, please visit the DJ Global.

2. Reduced Costs

Typically, a competent freight forwarder Sydney has will be able to negotiate lower prices with carriers operating in and around the city, especially when you are shipping huge volumes of cargo. Aside from this, they are already well aware of international shipping laws, so they can complete the necessary paperwork quickly and avoid unnecessary delays that could have otherwise incurred additional expenses.

3. Opportunity to Lessen Your Responsibilities

Instead of dealing with all the tasks and making aggravating administrative decisions involved with shipping your goods yourself, you can hire a professional forwarding company to do all of them for you. Of course, you will still have full control over your shipments, but you do not have to bother with vetting carriers, comparing their rates, and negotiating for other related services. Now, you will have more time to perform other core tasks in running your business.

4. Freedom from Binding Agreements

Typically, you often insist on contracts to stipulate a certain level of quantity and quality of service. But when it comes to shipping, you will be dealing with a lot of moving components, and a binding agreement with a carrier could actually hurt your business in a sense that the industry is constantly changing, and so as your operations. With a Sydney freight forwarder, you will have more freedom to switch providers if you think it will be best for your business.

5. Value-Added Services

There are lots of value-added services that you can get from a forwarder, including on-demand reporting, purchase order tracking, and door-to-door cargo insurance.

All in all, a freight forwarder can provide you benefits in many ways, especially when you are transporting a significant volume of goods to other locations around the world. In essence, such a company will help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through streamlined shipping. Now, for the best freight forwarder Sydney can offer you, check out http://www.djglobal.com.au/freight-forwarding-shipping-company-sydney.


4 Things to Not Neglect When Designing Business Signs

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sign makers Perth

A business sign remains as one of the top marketing tools that business owners rely on to promote their products and/or services. If you own a company, it is therefore important to think about hiring sign makers Perth has before you focus on other more complex forms of advertising. It is a simple strategy but very effective because it showcases your business to people who are within your local area. It is also a good way to capture your target market’s attention isign makers Perthf your business is situated in a location wherein there are several other commercial establishments around you.

Before you look for sign makers Perth can offer, it is important to plan what the business sign should be. Working with a digital sign company design Perth has is no guarantee of success. It is still up to you what kind of message you send out there. Below are four things that a lot of businesses tend to neglect when making business signs and some reasons why you shouldn’t.

sign makers Perth

Keep it Simple

In the digital age wherein various design tools have become easily accessible, the ability to print out unique designs have become easier than ever. Sadly, this also means that it can be difficult for businesses, especially those with limited design know-how, to come up with an effective design approach. Before you are tempted to employ every design trick up your sleeve, you need to remember that you are promoting a business. When you hire building sign writers in Perth, you need to focus on keeping your design simple. Simplicity in design also translates to a professional design. See more here Kingman Visual

Target Market

Your business should not be about you – it should be about your customer. While it is important to focus on your business as part of your branding process, you should not forget your target market in the process. Your knowledge of who your target audience is will also inform you on the right design concept to use for your business signs. Different age groups and classes will respond to various stimuli.


This is an important component of the design for your business signage. Avoid fonts that are too stylish and artistic. Opt for simple fonts that are legible and can be seen from afar. You would not want to lose your customer’s attention by making your signs hard to read.


You have invested a lot of time and money on creating a compelling business sign. Hence, it only makes sense to make sure that it is visible. You need to also plan where you should place your business signs in order to gain maximum visibility.

If you incorporate these four things when making signs using sign company Perth for LED signs, you will boost your chances of getting noticed by your target market. The professional input from sign makers Perth has can also be of help so you can build a sign that makes a visual and business impact. If you are looking for such a company, you can visit http://www.kingman.com.au.


Steel Fibre in Sydney – For Strength of the Concrete

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The fact that the development of new technologies can have dramatic effects on the end-user industries is a known one. The construction sector is one such business segment that has benefited greatly from the technologies that have been developed. The use of fibres, particularly steel fibres in concrete has proven to be not only providing a better quality concrete but also saving on the costs. In fact, according to reports, the market for steel fibre is likely to grow at a healthy rate of 7 to 8% in the next 5 years. The manufacturers and suppliers of steel fibre Sydney wide give due consideration to this factor and ensure their customers are catered to fully.

steel fibre sydney

Advanced Technology Yields High Tensile Strength

It does not need mentioning that any concrete structure is evaluated on its core strength and the stronger the concrete, the longer is the structure’s life. The strength to the concrete is imparted through the inputs used and their quality. This is the area where the steel fibre Sydney manufacturers produce is able to make a remarkable difference to the conventional methods of making concrete. The quality of steel fibre is measured in terms of its tensile strength and is around 700mpa, which is much higher than the conventional structural steel products which remain at less than 600mpa. This is one area the Sydney steel fibre simply scores above other alternatives and is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth in its market share as mentioned above.

Deformed and Crimped for Better Grip

When you order steel fibre in Sydney for your needs in the concrete making, you will notice that in terms of the physical characteristics, the fibre comes in the form of crimped pieces in shapes that do not conform to any particular dimension or pattern. This is aimed at providing the necessary grip when the cement concrete is poured at the time of construction. These crimped steel pieces are formed from low carbon steel obtained through the cold-drawn process.

Cost Effective Septic Tanks

One of the advantages the buyers of cheap steel fibre in Sydney has been that they have succeeded in offering specific end-users an effective alternative. The manufacturers of pre-cast septic tanks have switched to steel fibre as the preferred input in their process of manufacture and their experience in using the fibre has improved the quality of septic tanks made by them and installed all over. Customers have also come to understand the benefit of buying or getting made pre-cast septic tanks for their homes or commercial buildings where the supplier is using steel fibre Sydney shops sell. As briefly mentioned, it is a double benefit for these users; they get a superior quality concrete structure and gardening, and the overall cost of getting it is quite reasonable.

Tested and Tried

Though the invention of steel fibre is not of recent origin, there are many who buy it with the knowledge and information that the structures made with the steel fibres have been tested for their strength according to the international standards for different applications for concrete structures. So make your pick now and go ahead and order the steel fibre you need.

For more details, go to Nobis Products.


Utilizing Social Media for Generating Mobile Leads

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Online lead generation is among the surest ways of growing clients or individuals who can avail your products or services. Another great aspect about having your very own set of leads is that you get to own the mailing list, unlike what happens for social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, where they get shared. However, this does not undermine the role of such platforms as they can assist in tapping your potential leads within a given platform and driving them onto your signup sheet. There are several actions that you can take on platforms for Social Media to boost the growth of your mailing list for instance via US Mobile Leads.

US Mobile Leads

Promos Hosted on Social Media Platforms

Putting together a promo that requires enrollees to provide their emails while offering them a great incentive, is one commendable way of generating premium MLM leads. The trick to succeeding with social media lead generation is crafting the mechanics and choosing the incentive in a prudent way. This needs to be done such that only the people genuinely attracted to your business end up signing up.

You can for instance offer raffle tickets for a night or two on an exotic beach resort as an incentive. In such case, those who join the promo are most likely the ones who already are planning to go, or perhaps have already booked their airplane tickets. This can be a great way of generating an appreciable amount of premium Aussie MLM leads or the type of leads you need.

Promoting Link of Your Signup Page

You can also generate US Mobile Leads by promoting the link used as your sign up page. Another way of getting more leads is by publicizing your sign up page and improving visibility of the sign up page. A sponsored ad targeting users via their profiles on social media would be a good way of promoting the page. It would enable you to narrow down the individuals to whom you display your ads according to their behavior and interests. Their possibility of signing up to know more about your business increases with such a gesture.

Hosting a webinar

One of the real reasons why certain people are sensitive about including their email addresses on a mailing list is due to their misgivings regarding what kind of content they would receive. They mostly would not wish to be troubled with irrelevant messages, especially those that could nearly be seen as SPAM. As such, webmasters should be careful not to push their prospects indiscriminately for premium Australian leads, for instance.

The best way of defying this stigma is availing to them a “sneak peek” of the type of messages they can expect to get. You can do this via a webinar through which you offer content which your target clients will find applicable in some way. This should also inform them of your endeavor to forward them substantial content at all times. The best part of generating US Mobile Leads probably comes in during the process of webinar registration, where participants are requested to provide their emails.

It is always important to consult with a seasoned professionals firm for web marketing endeavors. This would assure you of generating the most refined mobile leads that more or less guarantee of conversions. Visit us now! For more details, check our website at https://apacheleads.com/us_mobile_leads/.


Chinese Imports To Australia – The Products And The Services

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Today, China produces a variety of products. Wherever you go, you will have ample confrontations with Chinese products. This is a well planned export and import policy which is responsible for its success. The recent reports state that there has been a 46% increase in the exports of China than the previous year. Export is one of the most important businesses in China. China has its well defined market not only in the Asian subcontinent but has also infiltrated Europe and the US. Not to forget, even Australia uses lots of products made in China, and this is clear from the fact that the last few years have shown a considerable growth in Chinese imports to Australia. The products are of varied categories including motorcycles, textiles, mobiles as well as televisions. Some other best-selling products are electrical equipment, machineries, steel and iron and garments.

Things Which Australia Imports

Australia is a very good place for fields like mining, agriculture and construction. The work fields are quite challenging as well. So, only those machines should be used which will work well and render the best service. These machines form an integral part of the products which are in the list of Chinese imports to Australia. Chinese manufacturers of equipment and machineries have made a lot of improvement in their partnership with Australian dealers. They are paying more attention to the specific needs of their customers in Australia and are designing the products for them.

The Chinese equipment manufacturers have improved the cab comfort and ergonomics in their machines. They have also changed their designing and manufacturing processes to meet the needs of their Australian partners. They never compromise on reliability, flexibility and fuel consumption factors.

Some Other Factors

Chinese imports to Australia have also increased due to some other factors. Reliability and durability also play important roles when one has to take the machines to the rural areas. Usually, these places have tough working environments. Machines from China can now better adapt to these rough conditions. The Chinese manufacturers now use technologies which have proven their worth over the time. The Chinese imports to Australia in terms of machineries and equipment are now used by some of the reputed companies in Australia. Large scale mining and construction projects also heavily depend upon them.

The Reasons Behind The Popularity

Only those distributors should be chosen who can work effectively in association with the international manufacturers. The Chinese imports have become more successful in Australia because the makers have worked hard to comply with the best working standards. The big manufacturers have factory depots in Australia that can work closely with their clients. They have networks which can supply the machines without any delay. They respond to the needs of their clients as soon as possible. Machines coming from China are the most cost-effective solutions for the Australian construction and agricultural sectors. The sturdy and the reliable machines can operate and provide service to even the most rugged terrains.

Wholesale Chinese imports (check: http://www.chinese-manufacturer.com/wholesale-chinese-imports-exports-to-australia/ ) have found a new meaning with the establishment of new ties between the two countries. Click here chinese manufacturer!


Tax Accountants: Cardinal Roles They Carry Out For You

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When some people hear the word “tax”, they break into a cold sweat. People on salary slips don’t have many problems when it comes to paying tax like business people do. The consequences of not paying tax on time from your business may be regrettable. For this reason, it is advisable for every business person to be working closely with a competent tax accountant to ensure the taxes are filed in good time. Other than filing taxes, tax accountants Newstead has today also carry out other typical duties such as:

Preparing State and Federal Income Taxes

Most people don’t know that tax accountants Newstead has today do a lot of research work before they execute their duties. The research they do helps them to know the amount of tax returns the individuals, organizations and businesses should give. Tax returns are subject to change if the tax codes change. The tax accountant should be aware of the prevailing tax code changes so that they can calculate the accurate tax you should pay. If the tax accountants Newstead has to offer are not knowledgeable about such changes, you could end up paying more tax than you should.

Preparing Tax Audits

According to most business people, tax audits are some of the most challenging headaches they have to embrace. Tax auditing involves several steps that a tax account should carefully follow to avoid future problems that the government may have to your business. Most qualified accountants know that tax audits require them to have orderly records from the companies or businesses of their clients. Whatever the tax accountants in Newstead do is always within the law concerning credits, deductions and other tax return facets. When your tax audit is not correctly done, correcting it may cost you more dollars to clear your business name.

Handling Business Taxes

Organizing business taxes have never been an easy task for anyone. It requires more expertise and time to handle them. In fact, incompetent tax accountants are often unable to handle business taxes especially if there are some misunderstandings or omissions. With adequate competence, it is possible for an accountant to handle license taxes, sales tax, and property taxes. In the course of the year, most Newstead tax accountants calculate and file quarterly tax statements and submit them for easy tax payment. If this is not done, there may arise tax issues that may cost your business a lot in terms of time and money.

Providing Updates

Updates are usually important in every part of life, especially in the business world. Before the accountants give the projected taxes, they are expected to first provide accurate tax reports. These reports may involve sales taxes and management fees among others and they should be given to a reputable chief financial officer. Most financial officers use these reports to understand the financial outlook of their clients’ companies and businesses.

Most companies and businesses have problems with tax payment because they don’t invest in the best tax accountants Newstead has today. You should not always assume that those in the tax sector in the government will be lenient with you when your business makes huge losses. Have qualified accountants calculate the losses made and determine the amount of tax you should pay. See more at http://leeandassociates.com.au/tax-accountants-newstead/


Evoque: Your Trusted Hard Money Lender

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There comes a time in life when one desires to invest in a certain business or a dream home. Your hopes and dreams aren’t valid until you do not have enough savings to make the investment. The first thing many do is go to their local bank to find out if they qualify for a loan. However, even though you qualify for the loan, it may take ages to be processed. In such a situation where you need cash immediately for an investment venture, the best thing would be to look for hard money Los Angeles Loans by Evoque Lending. They are an example of a service that would help you finance your investment with hard money loans which are normally approved really fast helping you realize your dreams fast enough.

What is a hard money loan?

This is a short term loan with real estate as security. They are normally funded by private investors for about twelve months with possible extensions from two to five years. This loan requires interest payments of interest only or interest and principal with a large payment at the end of the term. The hugest advantage of this type of loan is that the amount of money lent is primarily based on the value of subject property set as loan collateral.

Why consider a hard money loan?

Quick Loan Funding: Hard money loans are usually processed within a maximum of two days. This is great turnaround time which is great in the real estate business.

Interest Rates: In the hard cash loan business, interest rates normally vary from one area to another. While the rates may be higher than those of the banks a great thing to note would be that many bank loans are taken over a very long time. This could mean paying more money though the interest rates are lower. Another point to consider would be the area you take the loan at. If there are many hard cash lenders in your area, there is a perfect competition in the business. This in turn causes the lending companies to have relatively low interest rates which are always attractive to anyone seeking to borrow.

Less Stringent Rules: Hard cash lenders normally have less stringent rules since they are usually more concerned with the amount of equity the borrower has in the property being used as collateral. This means that no matter what credit score you have, you can get access to a loan when you need it.

How to Locate a Hard Money Lender

Google Places: The first way to start looking for a hard cash money lender is to search Google where reputable business owners are listed. List all the ones you get and start contacting them one by one. This way, you should be able to get at least three that you can visit and get to know more about.

Real Estate Investor Club Meetings: These are a great way to get to know about reputable hard money lenders. Los Angeles Loans by Evoque Lending experts advise that you attend some of these to make an informed choice in a lender.

A good investment should not be out of reach no matter your circumstance. Consider Los Angeles Loans by Evoque lending to make you successful.


Why you need Audit Shield for your firm

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Audit shield is an insurance cover that ensures in the event that companies are subject to a random audit, then they are covered. It is done mainly to give the accountants a peace of mind in their business. Audits are usually conducted by the governing authorities such as the Australian tax office of Australia or the Canada revenue authority for Canadians. The tax investigations are normally conducted by these bodies with a view to making certain that the businesses or companies are correctly fulfilling their tax obligations. Usually, the costs that can run very high sometimes are incurred during these tax audits, and it is the businesses that are usually obligated to take care of the costs.

Why it is encouraged

The reason why an audit shield is encouraged for most of the accounting firms is because it’s the most effective way of helping an accountant with their client in times of filing the tax. Tax investigation costs being offered by tax insurance companies are ones that are able to take care of your client’s obligations as they correspond to the official investigations, reviews and audits. You won’t have to be worried about any fee that will be incurred with this insurance.

Costs covered

The tax protection cover covers professional costs like the personal tax, corporate tax, employer compliance audit, goods and service tax. These are very important audits that ought to be covered so that the client would not have to worry when the investigations occur.

Choosing an insurance company

There are different insurance companies, all offering different covers. Therefore, companies ought to understand first what the cover is about before subscribing to anything. Also, understand the costs that are covered and the terms and conditions as many companies refuse to pay for something not in their conditions. One thing fundamental is to learn about the implementation of tax shield in your accounting firm as well not only for your protection but also that of the client.

Benefits to the client and accountant

The biggest benefit that the audit shield gives to the accountant and the client is the peace of mind as the audit shield will help both of them in any circumstances that may occur. Also the client will have confidence in your firm when you give them the explanation on how the tax audit is going to be beneficial to them. Also it will result in good relationship between you and the client when they have seen the benefits of the shield when it has been implemented.

With the random tax audits that authorities conduct on businesses all over the world in different countries, these can be quite detrimental to a business as the fees that are incurred by these audits, reviews and tax investigations normally are supposed to be catered for by the business itself. They can be quite costly and therefore, can bring a business to its knees, especially if it’s a startup. However, the audit cover is the best protector during these times.


Important Decisions Regarding Funeral Service

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Funeral service is a way of saying farewell to your departed loved one. This can take place either through burial or through cremation. Whichever way you choose, it is advisable to have some expert guidance in order to run the service in a fulfilling way that reflects the wishes of the departed. For example, in Perth area, you can seek support from reliable homes for Perth funerals.

The funeral service you accord your departed loved one reveals a lot about respect, dignity, and love to the person when he or she was still alive. In that respect, remember to choose a funeral service, which may be a cremation or burial in a grave. This is where providers of services associated with Perth funerals come into the scene.

Funeral Service Providers

Providers of cremation or burial or cremation services should treat their customers with compassion before they consider the charges for the service. In moments of grief, many questions and emotions cross the mind of the bereaved, which may affect the ability to make the right decisions.

You should be able to find affordable Perth funerals from a reliable provider that puts compassion first before money. Left to a professional, you can control emotional spending prompted by the situation.

Professionals Should Provide Funeral Services

For a smooth running of a funeral service, it is advisable to rely on professional funeral directors and certified funeral homes and crematoriums. For instance, in Perth, you can visit http://www.perthcremationswa.com.au/ to find best funerals in Perth. Funeral services should be left to professionals who, in addition to providing the needed services, can steer the entire process with compassion.

Professionals Offer Expert Guidance

With the knowledge and experience they have in conducting Perth funerals, certified funeral experts are able to help you conduct a decent send-off for your loved one. It is also advisable to consult with a provider that offers both cremation and burial services. Even if you go for cheap funerals Perth has to offer, you should have an expert guidance to ensure that the funeral service reflects the wishes of the departed.

Burial Versus Cremation

Cremation services may be more cost-effective than burial services. If you choose this option, you can conduct the service in a crematorium or in a church before the remains proceed to the crematorium. Conducted in a crematorium, you are likely to find most of the facilities there.

For a burial service, you can provide a decent send-off at a family graveyard. In this situation, you can still conduct the service in the church and then proceed to the grave, where the remains of the departed are laid to final rest.

Burial or cremation services should reflect the wishes of the deceased. For that reason, many people choose pre-planned funeral services. Such services allow you to have everything down in writing, as you would like your funeral to be. With this plan, you can save your family members the consequences of emotional decisions that may simply result in wastage of family resources.

In the end, the best gift that you could give to your deceased loved one is a decent send-off, which is possible by observing the mentioned points.


Useful Pointers in Starting Your Own Wholesale Enterprise

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Thinking of putting up your own wholesale distribution business? If yes, better buckle up and prepare for a gruelling but fulfilling ride! In Australia, and in many countries in the world, the wholesale, warehousing, and distribution business offers great profit potential but entails immensely challenging work too. You have to think about things like storage area, forklifts, shelving spaces, rapid roller doors, as well as inventory and staff monitoring software. It’s good to note that there are many choices for warehouse equipment in Australia, such as rapid roller doors Australia companies offer. Follow the tips below to help you prepare for this big leap in your career:

Image result for rapid roller doors

  • Arm yourself with updated information – Before you think about storage areas as well as indoor equipment like forklifts and rapid roller doors, make sure you know a wealth of significant information about the business. Ask advice from wholesale entrepreneurs from nearby cities. It’s also advisable to do ocular inspection of warehouse companies so you have an idea of how they manage daily operations.
  • Check out your business options – Depending on your working budget you have a few options in the wholesale distribution and warehouse business: start your own product line, acquire a company or buy a business franchise. Go online or see the business section of your local paper to get some leads on which warehouse or product distribution businesses are looking to sell their company or are looking for franchisers. If you have created a useful product and you’re confident enough to sell it to a specific target market, then go ahead and manufacture and start your own product line.
  • Secure your storage facility – You can either have a warehouse built for your business or rent out a storage facility. Make sure that your warehouse or storage area is situated in an accessible location. You will need to secure the proper business documents, like application permit and fees, license to operate, sanitation permit, and others. Contact local government authorities to ask for information regarding these official documents. Once you have secured the location you need to acquire the right equipment like storage units, rapid roller doors, forklifts, carriers, packaging tools, staff and inventory software and the like. There are many companies in Australia where you can buy rapid roller doors, durable storage units, and updated staff or product monitoring software.
  • Devise a scalable sales and marketing plan – Remember to come up with a scalable sales and marketing plan appropriate for your business before you officially open your doors to potential clients. Research about your target market and find out how you can effectively introduce your business to them as well as solve their different needs.
  • Adapt to changes in the industry – When your business is finally up and running, make sure to continue educating yourself about the wholesale and warehouse industry. Read about relevant news and seek advice from experts in this field.

Itching to get started? Then begin doing extensive research about the business now. If you’re searching for options of storage or warehouse facilities or even warehouse equipment like rapid roller doors in Australia, go online and see available lists. For starters, check out https://www.carona.com.au/rapid-roller-doors-suppliers-manufacturers-australia


Get the Best Deals on State of Origin Tickets

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Planning to purchase State of Origin tickets for the slug fests in May, June and July? This is the showpiece event of the Rugby League and of those series that you just don’t want to miss in your life. It is a perfect place to take your family for a once in a lifetime experience. It is not every year that we get to attend the State of Origin matches. This year, Australia’s biggest rivalry will begin in Brisbane at the ANZ Stadium on 27th May. Tickets will cost as much as $420 and you may not even get a good chance to really enjoy the State of Origin unless you purchase the corporate suites where you are guaranteed a better view of the game and a great deal of pampering and premium payment.

purchase state of origin tickets

It is the corporate treats which make the State of Origin truly marvelous and you can purchase many of the corporate suites packages available for the matches I, II and III. The schedule for this year’s State of Origin marches is as follows:

· Game I, NSW Blues Versus QLD Maroons: This game will take place on May 27, 2015 at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney so it is important to purchase State of Origin tickets early.

· Game II, QLD Maroons Versus NSW Blues: The game will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne on 17th June, 2015 from 8pm.

· Game III, NSW Blues Versus QLD Maroons: This is the biggest and most important game of the State of Origin and it will take place in the Suncorp in Brisbane on 08 July, 2015 from 8pm.

Getting Prime Tickets for the Suncorp Game

One of the best ways to get the best deals on the State of Origin game is by taking advantage of the membership packages such as through the Maroon Membership packages or the Blatchy Blues. Memberships are theONLY OPTION through which you can get a guarantee for the prime tickets for Game III in the State of Origin.

But you do not have to struggle too much for costly tickets that still leave you with a bad experience and congestion at the Suncorp in Brisbane. You can purchase State of Origin tickets for the corporate suites in order to enjoy the best in AFL Corporate hospitality. The NRL corporate hospitality/ comes with many perks that will keep some of the VIP ruby fans truly enthralled during the State of Origin series. Some of the main perks that you will get here include the following:

· Premium entertainment

· Cocktails, premium wines, beer and soft drinks.

· Delicious gourmet

· Pre and Post match functions along with speeches by MCs and some of the top legends to keep you entertained.

· Get to rub shoulders with some of the top legends of the State of Origin.

· Business card draws and an opportunity to win lots of prizes.

Check out http://www.sxsm.com.au/2015-state-origin/ in order to experience the true Rugby Union Corporate hospitality that will be truly memorable!


Importance of Vigilance When Choosing Photocopier Repairs Service

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The photocopier is certainly the core of your office paperwork. Along with the printer, these two machines will be handling the bulk of your office work to ensure that you produce top quality documentation for your business transactions in the shortest time possible. It is therefore necessary to keep these working at optimal conditions. Choosing the best photocopier repair service is not a walk in the park, though.

photocopier repair service

Whatever the brand and however reliable or well-maintained they are, sudden breakdowns are to be expected. When this happens during the weekdays outside the regular servicing and maintenance hours or days, then it can mean serious downtimes for your business. With best photocopier repair service at your side, this doesn’t have to be a nightmarish scenario.

A professional and reliable copier repairs service will be able to restore your copier to working condition in the shortest time possible and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Having the right contact details of the best copier and printer repairs services will be of particular importance if you are using premium brand copiers from suppliers such as Xerox, HP, Canon, Toshiba, Ricoh or even Lexmark.

These typically have their trusted local partners who will offer you top service repairs using the most genuine of parts that will guarantee the reliability and optimal performance of your copiers. So it is important to seek out these services if you do not want those copier downtimes to be catastrophic for your business.

When choosing the right photocopier repair services, it is important to be vigilant. Look at the winning and quality factors that will make the service a trustworthy one. So what are these winning factors that you should seek out? Here is a brief overview to help you choose the best in the market:

What is their credibility in the market: This is one of the primary factors that you will need to look out for. What is their reputation and track record in the industry? Do they have maintenance contracts with some of the leading Sydney companies? This is typically a mark of trust.

One way to determine credibility is by visiting the company’s website and reading some of the customers’ appraisals of their services but you can also dig into information from your industry contacts and peers.

What is their quality of service: When looking for professional Xerox repairs Sydney or Lexmark repairs Sydney services, look at the company’s quality of services. Do they have a reputation of delivering on their words and meeting users’ expectations?

Low priced providers may not offer you the best quality. At the same time, overpriced services may not be a guarantee of excellent quality. It is therefore important to strike a balance by going deeper to discover what is best about a repair shop’s service offering.

In some cases, you might have to spend more and have a guarantee of hassle-free services that will be around on time to deliver the best service experience and help restore your business to normalcy.

Are they cost efficient: A company may offer you the best services when it comes to your Hewlett Packard services Sydney or other repairs services but are they affordable? What budget have you assigned for your printer and copier repair needs? Do the repair company’s rates fall within your budget? Find out more at http://www.gom.com.au/photocopier-repairs.


Top benefits offered by a customised embroidery service

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Embroidery as a form of art has a long evolving history. Contemporary embroidery has travelled quite far since its formative times, and today with the emergence of high tech sewing machines, there has been a resurgence of a wide variety of designs and patterns in the field of embroidery. Today, the embroidery service Brisbane firms offer are enabled with computerised designs in order to produce the design patterns on all possible types of fabrics.

Embroidery Service Brisbane

Adding the customised embroidery to an organisation’s dress or clothing can make the brand a lot more appealing, sophisticated and established. An embroidered logo offers an organisation a much higher perceived value, and therefore, the companies which pay extra attention, make their uniforms more refined. After all, it is an indicator of the reliability and reputation of the company.

The customised embroidery service Brisbane firms offer today has several advantages and each of them is discussed in detail.

Advertisement: A uniform with an embroidered logo is really a walking billboard. So in place of making the employees and staff members wear solid coloured, formal, button-down shirts or simple polos, you may consider the efficacy that a uniform with embroidered logo on the front of a shirt can have. Even an applique with the logo on the back of a shirt can make the company stand out among others.

It gives a professional look: You can add an individualistic look to a plain, formal shirt with the custom embroidery on it. The emblem looks beautiful when it is carefully embroidered by a professional and experienced embroidery service Brisbane has today. It looks classic to have a unique logo neatly carved on the shirts. If you are thinking to get customised shirts for your employees and confused with choice between screen printing and embroidery, then it would be better to stick with the traditional embroidery as it creates an outstanding look instantly and can be executed on all types of fabrics and garments, starting from the head caps to the shoes.

Creates an identity: Every business organisation strives to make an identity. In order to promote the business, it is necessary to be different from others, and it is where any Brisbane city embroidery service is required. For instance, embroidered caps and blazers are a great creator of identity for the employees of a particular organisation. When the company conducts a promotional event, then an employee with the company’s logo embroidered on the uniforms can create a good impact on the minds of the visitors and the guests.

Personalisation: With the customised logo, you can even add the names of your individual employees to the front of their shirts. Any Queensland embroidery business will be able to help you with this. It can create a great impression on your customers, and whether a staff member works at a lower rank or higher, it looks quite professional and respectable.

Flexibility: Many people think that if they opt for any embroidery business Brisbane has today, they would be restricted to using only a few types of materials; but this is not true at all. When you take the service of a firm which offers custom embroidery, you shall be offered a chance to choose from a wide range of garments, ranging from denims to jackets. A few types of embroidery works look better on certain materials, and an expert will be able to guide you regarding what would suit best your chosen variety of fabric. Check out http://doree.com.au/.


Do Not Forget to Ask these Printer Repair Service-related Questions to the Technician

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Are you aware that whenever you purchase any electronic office equipment like copiers or laser printers, you have to work for at least three to five years with the manufacturer’s or dealer’s repair service unit? At times, this fact is reassuring, but sometimes it is unavoidable that you can find yourself being unsatisfied with the way the technicians do the laser printer repair in Sydney repair centers. But there is no need to fuss over that, since you can always hire another company that can help you with the copier, fax machine or laser jet printer repair service you need.

The question is, how do you recognize those that offer laser printer repair in Sydney who are fit for the job and true to their word? Here are some essential questions you have to make sure to ask and discuss over with your possible laser printer repair technician:

1) How many years has the repair technician been practicing this trade? What kind of history or how many years of experience does the technician have under his belt in laser printer repair in Sydney or in other parts of the AU?

2) Is your prospect laser printer repair technician certified? Similar to the many other printer repair service shops that offer same day laser printer repairs like GOM laser printer repair, there are an assortment of certifications needed to back up their years of experience in printer repair.

3) Confirm with the laser printer repair technician that you are looking forward to hiring if they also do a schedule maintenance check up with the equipment and not only fixing it for the current situation. This maintenance check up will make sure to handle what can possibly go wrong in the future with the equipment. Sometimes, printer components and other parts can be worn out or some need to be cleaned. A trustworthy laser printer repair technician will see through the repair process and will clean your laser printer spare parts free of cost.

4) Determine with your prospect laser printer repair technician on their average service response time. The time between the repair phone call you made and the actual technician arrival time is crucial, especially those who use their copiers and printers for corporate and business purposes. So it is important to find out what your prospect laser printer repair technician’s standards are with regards to the feasibility of the repairs. You may want to rethink things if it takes more than one business day.

5) Are they available on business days and is their working hours flexible enough to ensure good quality service? You need somebody you can depend on to preserve or repair your printer whenever you call for. You shouldn’t have to worry about time crunches to make a call to the expert technician to come and solve your office equipment problem.

Make sure that the repair enterprises you explore deliver these sorts of service and experience. Make sure you ask the manufacturer about repairs and service before finalizing any contract if you’re in the process of leasing or purchasing a copier or printer. If their answers are correct, then that will make you a happy customer. Visit our website at http://gom.com.au/laser-printer-repairs/


New Generation Is Showing Huge Hive For Designer Engagement Rings

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The star celeb Jojo Fletcher from The Bachelorette was proposed by Jordan Rodgers, one of the finalists, with a custom-design engagement ring which was estimated to be worth $80,000. It is not only about media shows that designer custom rings find a place. The hearts of women are reined by the love for custom jewellery. And when it is about the special engagement ring, which ought to be exclusive and unique representing the exclusive love and bonding between a couple, nothing can be more important than designer engagement rings.

Designer Engagement Rings Signify Dedication

Gifting or proposing with a unique, boutique made engagement ring has its own definition of class. It is a statement of uniqueness, a sense of pure exclusive emotions, which are reflected through spectacular designer engagement rings. Once you decide to gift a designer or custom-made engagement ring, you put in your ideas, your concept and your unique visualization of the ring. Your exclusive and dedicated interest in making it a dream come true ring for your beloved itself enhances the value of the ring for your beloved.

Unique Ring For Your Beloved

Jewellers around the world have excellent marketing tactics of convincing their customers with a common piece of jewellery manufactured on a huge scale, to be unique and befitting for them. However, the open secret is that conventional jewellery stores, even giant jewellery chains offer collections, which are manufactured on a huge scale and marketed in different corners of the world. This means the one jewellery you have, thousand other women may also possess. It is the distinguished advantage of designer engagement rings that this is a unique and custom made, which means you would own the single piece on earth. Therefore, there can be no other distinct way to convey your beloved your earnest feelings of her importance in your life. She is one and unique, and the ring for her is similarly unique.

State of the Art Craftsmanship

These boutique jewellery items are created under special and dedicated surveillance. Experience and skilled craftsmen work on these designer engagement rings with personal attention. Every piece is designed and crafted with pure devotion towards magnificent creation of pure art. It is completely different from bulk jewellery production since each piece is the result of a designer’s complete devotion.

You are ought to spend money on your engagement ring. However, everybody desires to have a special and inspirational ring from her fiancé. Therefore, if you are already determined to spend on a good ring, why not consider exclusive designer engagement rings from experienced and talented jewellery designers. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards boutique shopping and unique and exclusive things. Talented jewellery designers are therefore having a booming market for business. The engagement ring is not like the wedding dress or the floral bouquet, which is proposed to be on the show for a single day. It is a life time possession, the true representation of your bonding and love with your partner. So let it be similarly special like your relationship.


Google Adwords: The Key to Online Advertising

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A few years ago, advertising was confined to billboards, newspapers, pamphlets and other below the line methods of relaying information to the public. As these methods were really expensive, they were out of reach for small business owners. Google then introduced Adwords which helps small businesses advertise online and only pay when someone clicks a placed ad and visits the business website.

The introduction of online advertising represents huge opportunities for small businesses since they can reach many people from all over the world without parting with large amounts of money. To help even further, Google has partnered with many agencies all over the world so that adwords services can be easily accessible.

Why register your business for the Google Adwords Service?

You set your own budget: As the business owner, you have the freedom to invest any amount of money into your online adverts. You can set a daily budget of as low as 10 cents and only pay when your online advert is clicked. This means that whatever your budget, your ads are being viewed online. However, to get more leads for your business, you need to invest a substantial amount of money over a certain amount of time.

Visible return on investment: Google adwords helps your business generate substantial leads that aid in conversion. The conversion rate is very high since your advertisement is tailored to reach only those who would be interested in your services and those who have already searched your business before.

Geographical Consideration: While placing the advertisements, you can have your campaign targeting people from a certain geographical location. This is very important since it enables you to reach clients closest to your business as they will be more likely to pay for the services you offer.

Targeted advertising: This is probably the best feature of Google Adwords since it enables you to choose target groups for your advert based on age and other factors. With targeted advertising you only have interested clients viewing the adverts enabling you to track sales, leads and keywords so that you can have even better campaigns as time goes by.

Adword Analytics: Google Adwords has very powerful analytic tools that will help you see what works in your campaign and what does not. These will help you to edit and improve your campaign and further advertise your business in the best possible way in order to generate more leads.


Keywords are the most important entities in an adwords campaign. These determine how many people see your online advertisement and will also trigger your ads to show. While creating your online ads, you need to make sure that the keywords chosen are relevant so that your campaign can be successful. It is also a very good practice to localize the keywords since a business is more likely to generate leads that convert from people nearest to the business location.

Advertising is slowly shifting from offline to online advertising. This makes a lot of sense for many businesses especially startups since it is cheaper and quicker. Better yet, analytic tools make it so easy to control your budget and give you real insights into your target market helping you generate leads that convert. Contact an adwords service today and begin a campaign!


Digital Printing: A Frontliner in the Printing Industry

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Use of print applications as well as their integration within the print market industry is on rapid increase owing to their amazing print quality coupled with higher response rate. Applications for digital printing are delivering appreciable value by accomplishing things which offset printing is incapable of achieving. Regardless of your business requirements, proficient digital printing companies have the capacity of meeting them in a satisfactory manner, without compromising on quality and efficiency.

digital printing companies

Essence of Digital Printing

Digital prints vary from traditional processes of printing, being direct processes of output devices. As such, digital printing does not utilize a pre-press operation. Unlike with traditional print processes, the image gets created on a computer, before being transmitted directly onto the output device. Digital printing companies preserve all content pertaining to the digital printing task in digital form. This is done in numbered formats such as PDF, PPML EPS and Post Script, among others, right from start to finish of the printing process.

Differences in Ink-Delivery Methods

The connection lying in-between the tools and delivery system of ink is yet another important point that distinguishes traditional and digital printing techniques. Output gadgets such as inkjet printers have been designed with specific ink and its delivery system that are unique to each kind of digital press. Therefore, the type of equipment and tools chosen also depend upon the output targeted.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing companies can deliver diverse gains to any business by employing digital printing technology to its advantage as follows:

· Exceptional quality of prints at higher response rate

· Printed materials obtained faster and cost-effectively while also having huge marketing impact

· Low cost of setup and production

· Ability of printing or customizing a printing task as per its requirements

· No wastage since the prints obtained do not become outdated

The printing project done using print design is also extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to fading. You can benefit from the best of digital printing Dallas has available, produced on a high-resolution 8 color printer. Advancing technology has brought about great progress in digital printing, leading to improvements from traditional color presses to more sophisticated versions.

Preference of Digital Printing

Currently, most business owners prefer seeking perfection and top-notch quality as a way of promoting their services or products. Digital magazine printing companies for instance are capable of providing such ends, generating high quality prints in eco-friendly and cost-effective manner, yet within a short timespan too. You can obtain the latest, innovative and creative designs of prints even on a limited budget via this printing technique.

Revolutionary Impact of Digital Printing

Business is generally highly competitive nowadays. Still, it is prudent for digital printing companies to employ digital printing equipment that is both friendly to users and the environment. Digital printing technology generally offers an ideal solution for accomplished graphic designers in need of utilizing advanced technology. In all, digital prints have altered the face of large format printing, banner printing and business cards as well other kinds of printing done on marketing materials.

You can find reliable digital printing services of high quality available online at http://www.dfwprintingcompany.com/submit-your-file.html.


4 Qualities of a Resume That’ll Get You Hired

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The decision to hire a resume writer is a choice that a lot of job seekers opt for. With the employment world becoming more and more competitive, it is important to keep up if you want to land your dream job. While most people have the skills and knowledge to land the job, not everyone is able to showcase it in their resume. And the resume is a very important part of your job seeking efforts because this is the first part of the screening process. If the hiring staff is not impressed with your resume, you won’t be chosen for a follow-up interview and you are deprived of your ability to exhibit why you are fit for the position you are applying for.

This is where professional resume services come to your rescue. These services are provided by professional resume writers who are able to transform your resume such that your skills are highlighted. What do these professional writers do to your resume to make it stand out for your potential employers to take notice? Below are the five qualities of a winning CV that a resume writer can deliver for you:

Tailor Your Resume to Screening Criteria

You might have the skills needed for the job you are applying for. But is your resume showing it? This is one of the reasons why even the most skilled individuals do not get hired for the job, even if they are qualified. When you write your resume, it should be tailor-made for the job you are applying for. If you make a generic resume, yours will not stand out. You have to keep in mind that the hiring personnel of a company probably has to go through hundreds of resumes and applications sent to them each day. You have to make it stand out and clear right off the bat why you are qualified for the job!

Talk About the Company

You need to keep it short in your cover letter. However, it is important that you include why you are applying for a position in the company. When you discuss about the company, the hiring manager will know that you have done your research and you are serious in filling the job position. This little extra effort is what it takes to make your resume stand out from other job applicants.

Use Dynamic, Branded Statements

When you are writing a resume, you must think of yourself as a brand. Focus on how you can sell yourself to the future employers. To make the resume more compelling, use powerful and affirmative keywords. This will exhibit your confidence and reinforce the idea that you are a good fit for the position.

Keep Grammar Flawless

This is the final and most important tip when writing a resume: keep it grammar error-free. Nothing can hurt your chances of getting fired for a job than when you have a few grammar lapses in your resume. Hiring managers can be extremely unforgiving when it comes to minor errors.

If you are confident about your writing skills, you can do without a resume writer as long as you follow the guidelines above. If not, a professional CV writer might just be your ticket to landing that dream job!


Qualities of an Excellent Poster

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A poster is one of the common advertising and promotional mediums. Designed properly by an expert, it can help you achieve your marketing and advertising objectives without difficulty. However, that is possible if you get a reliable company for poster printing Dallas has to offer. A good poster comes with distinct qualities that separate it from the rest of the printed matter.

If you would like to engage a reliable company for poster printing Dallas has to offer, it is advisable to consider the following qualities in your product.

Achieves its purpose

The goal of any poster is to accomplish a particular objective, whether marketing or advertising. The poster should communicate the information as fast as possible to the readers. A reliable company for poster printing Dallas has to offer should also provide effective design services. Ensure the message is straightforward and written in readable font size. It should not be cluttered or written in too small letters that strain the eye.

Draws attention

If you want a good poster, it should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the readers. This depends on how you use the colors on the poster. Reliable companies offering poster printing services in Dallas can offer ideas on how to include your business color on the poster so it looks attractive to the intended audience.

With a reliable provider, the poster could contain interesting information that sparks curiosity in the audience while relating to your business as well. It is also advisable to include a picture or a photo that relates to your business. A provider with adequate experience in poster printing Dallas has to offer can help you achieve that objective.


Is the poster able to convince the readers to make a decision? While you should not make a poster so cluttered that it becomes difficult to read, it is important to give the intended audience enough information to help them make a decision towards your message. Include no exaggerations, just enough text to put across your message.

Made simple

A poster should be simple and not complicated with heavy text and graphics. In some cases, a poster has no text at all. You can still convey your message with colors and images only. Each person is unique so the point is to make the poster as simple as you can while still conveying your message. You can achieve this if you engage a certified provider of poster printing Dallas has to offer.

For instance, you can try visiting this website for printing services in Texas. It is often advisable to identify a reliable provider first before you can sign a contract with any company for poster printing company in Dallas. A well-designed poster can achieve its purpose and lessen your marketing and advertising efforts.

DFW Company in Texas is a renowned provider of printing services. From marketing materials, annual reports, and book printing services to magazine and newspaper printing, many clients have counted on their services. You can reach them by visiting their website at DFW Printing Company.


Benefits of Sydney Stainless Steel Fabrications

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Stainless steel has been embraced and incorporated highly in our daily activities. Competition between steel and other metals is being taken over by the former as it has so many benefits compared to other metals. Some of the stainless steel fabrication Sydney uses today are things like household goods, infrastructure, business logistics, just to mention a few. The stainless steel fabrication Sydney has to offer has seen the citizens benefiting so much. This means that this industry is of great importance and no less than that. If you want to acquire stainless steel fabrication Sydney companies offer, then there are specific traders that specialize and provide solutions in this field. This has been a successful undertaking with the benefits that are accrued from stainless steel materials.

stainless steel fabrication Sydney

Below are some of the benefits of stainless steel fabrications.

Resistance to corrosion

This is the main reason stainless steel fabrications are preferred. The use of stainless steel fabrication in Sydney today has been on the rise due to the ability of the steel to resist corrosion. Stainless steel is known to resist highly corrosive substances such as acids, surroundings which have chloride and also solutions which are alkaline in chemical composition. This means that household goods or even factory machines can last longer despite being exposed to strong chemicals.

Easy to fabricate

Studies have shown that the number of stainless steel fabrications is on the rise. This is due to the malleability of the material. It is easy to weld, cut and even form. This factor makes the steel to be molded into many components in an easy way without much struggle. Most of the Sydney stainless steel fabrication companies find it easy and cost effective to mold them. The fine ability to easily make fabrications from stainless steel materials solves the question as to why there are so many items made of the material in hospitals and even our homes.

Resilient to high and low temperatures

Items or fabrications made from stainless steel materials are known to withstand extreme temperatures without being distorted in shape. They are made such that some grades of the stainless steel can withstand high temperatures while some will withstand cryogenic temperatures. This is the main reason why companies that deal with extreme temperatures in their place prefer stainless steel containers. You are likely to find stainless steel fabrication Sydney has as companies which make use of high temperatures.

Easy to clean

The ability to clean up the stainless steel makes it more hygienic. This is the reason most hospitals prefer stainless steel containers. Not just in hospitals but even in kitchens and pharmaceuticals and food facilities. When you have containers that are easy to clean, that means cleaning them is also faster. Therefore you are able to save time.

These characteristics and more are just some that make industry players optimistic when it comes to this field. One needs to weigh options on which stainless steel fabrication provider is the best to integrate in one’s respective business. A good way to start this is by assessing the flexibility and expertise of the company providing steel – check with their past clients and if you think there is something special with the company to work well with your business, contact the company and have a site tour to see if this is your way to go.


4 Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Fridges

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commercial fridges sydney

Getting commercial fridges Sydney shops have is one of the best investments for businesses that deal with food preparation, such as a restaurant or catering service. A fridge is important so you can preserve and lengthen the shelf life of your perishable goods such as herbs, vegetables and meat. With a reliable refrigeration system, you can keep the food supplies from spoiling and you will be able to maximize your profits as fewer items go to waste.


When buying products, some people might tell you to not look at the brand because it does not necessarily reflect quality. This might be true for clothing items wherein brand names can cause the value of the product to go up. But the same cannot be said when you buy commercial fridge Sydney can offer. The brand that you invest in matters the most and is therefore the first consideration before you buy. Choose brands that are best known for the manufacture of high quality refrigerators, particularly commercial fridges Sydney has to offer.

There are brands that offer the highest quality units at a premium price. Meanwhile, there are also brands committed to offering the best deals for those who are tight on budget. The bottom line is that you need to find a brand that would fit into what you are looking for when you buy commercial fridge Melbourne offers.


Next on the list of important things to consider when you buy commercial fridge Brisbane shops have is the warranty. This is also linked to the tip above to look at the brands before you buy as different brands offer different types of warranty coverage. Even the best commercial refrigerators will experience trouble at some point. Whether this is a factory defect or for some other reasons, you need a good warranty to ensure that you can enjoy free services from the manufacturer. The parts and labor for fixing commercial refrigerators can be highly expensive. Hence, you can save a great deal of money if you are covered with the warranty.


When you shop around for commercial refrigerators, you will realize that they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. For reach-in units, they typically come in a 1-, 2-, and 3-door unit selections. Before you choose which size of unit to choose, you need to measure the space where you intend to place the refrigerator in. This will help narrow down your options according to what would fit into your external dimensions requirement. It is also important to consider the doorways leading to your kitchen – you have to make sure that the fridge will fit through it.

Condenser Location

The condensing unit is the part of the refrigerator that does the hard work for the entire unit. This is responsible for maintaining the temperature of your refrigerator so it can preserve your food supplies. For bottom-mount units, they provide ease in terms of cleaning and maintenance. For top-mount units, they are also ideal because they do not trap dust and debris nearly as much as the bottom unit configurations do. There are pro’s and con’s for each option so it all depends on what you prefer.

Still not sure which commercial fridges Sydney has to offer is the best option for you? You can visit http://coldsolutions.com.au/ to shop around or consult with experts on finding the right match for your needs.


The Quest for an Effective Contract Management System

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A good contractor management system can make or break a business operation. In fact, it is relied upon by many businesses today due to the efficiency and ease when organizing data for employees, contracts, clients and other parties involved. There was a time when all of these are handled manually by HR employees; but today, the use of advanced technological systems have made it possible to get these done with ease and in less time.

What Can an Online Contractor Management System Do?

An online contractor management system is a cloud-based system that stores, manages and processes important information related to your business processes. It is a complex system that is run using advanced technology to simplify data management.

Most contract management systems are cloud-based; this means that the data processed are secure. No one without the proper access to the system can obtain the information. It is also a flexible system that enables your HR employees to renew or process contractors with ease. You can also use it to process benefits, incentives, payroll and other confidential information regarding each employee’s profile. With an efficient system, there is no need to outsource the basic functions of your HR department. This means that you could end up saving in the long run since you can tap into your current HR staff to process them for you without adding burden to their set of responsibilities.

Benefits of Contractor Management System

With the knowledge on how a contract management system works, it is important to move one step closer and analyze the benefits you are to gain with its use. The primary benefit that you can gain with the use of the best contractor management system is the ability to standardize and centralize all business transactions, including handling and use of data. Business data is a primary asset in any company; therefore, they should be handled with care and utmost efficiency. An online system for handling contract management can speed up that process.

An efficient system will not only benefit your company’s internal processes. With higher efficiency, you will also be able to deliver better customer service for your business. At the same time, your business partners will find you a joy to work with. Your internal and external customers will be pleased with the way you do business and you could be rewarded with profits out of that investment.

Finally, an automated system for managing contracts and business operation can reduce the paperwork by more than half! The back office administration will no longer be dealing with endless array of papers and data on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, your employees will be more productive and less stressed. When your employees are not stress-free, they will become more effective workers and can be an even bigger asset for your company.

If you are looking for a contractor management system in Australia, you can go to https://www.iprosolutions.com/online-contractor-management-systems/. This website is known for providing businesses with advanced technological solutions that provide higher efficiency in business operations and contract management. See more at iPro Solutions.


The Business of Fonts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Ever wonder why certain fonts are attractive, while others are just plain ugly? Apparently, there are few specific reasons behind this. For example, in most parts of Australia, almost everyone can recognize the Disney logo. That is a good design, right? However, you have to admit that the “D” in its logo is a bit confusing because it looks like a horizontally flipped letter “G”. Despite that, it’s still successful and popular among people—especially kids! The professional signwriters Perth design companies hire must know a thing or two. Today, if you are a business owner eyeing for a great digital sign company design Perth industries have today, you have to know these things first:

Image result for signwriters Perth

1. The Whole and its Parts

Good sign writers know the Gestalt Typography Theory and Design Principles by heart. Gestalt suggests that when it comes to graphics, the whole is given more attention than the individual parts. Simply put, our human minds are designed to visually group things and see them as one, rather than concentrate on its details.

This is the reason why the Disney logo worked—the confusing letters didn’t matter as long as they were in harmony with each other. If there is significant relevance between the parts, then there is coherence—thus, the message of the design is successfully depicted to the audience. Good sign writers always incorporate this into their designs. If you own a small business in Perth who wants expertise from sign writers Perth design companies usually hire, then you must assess them if they at least know this principle. Click here Kingman Visual

2. Familiarity Doesn’t Always Breed Contempt

If you are a start-up business having trouble with your market recognizing your brand, then here’s something you should know: sometimes, people just don’t like the unfamiliar. You should opt for a good and experienced sign company Perth for LED signs and signage if you want your brand to have that element of familiarity.

Another reason why the Disney logo was successful was that of its consistency. The design is still being widely used today, that’s why it’s recognizable among people of all ages. If you’re an adult, a glimpse of the Disney logo instantly transports you to the past. It gives you a feeling of nostalgia, allowing you to form a warm connection with the logo.

3. Knowing Who You Are

Identity is a crucial element in a design. In order for your business to push through, one element that your brand design must possess is a strong sense of identity. Look for building sign writers in Perth who were trained to understand what your business stands for and apply it on the signage. The good sign writers Perth design companies usually employ are those who serve as good mediums in delivering the client’s message to its target market.

As a business owner, don’t ever hesitate to invest in your brand’s aesthetic. It plays a huge part in strengthening the morale of a company in good, bad, and ugly times. Remember, if there is harmony within a group, a message will be successfully communicated to its recipients. See more at http://www.kingman.com.au/


Home Accessory Tips: Easy Styling Tips and Tricks to Update Your Pergola

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Pergolas Newcastle

Outdoor spaces are now becoming an integral part of home design projects. In an effort to maximize how nature is incorporated into your design, outdoor living spaces such as pergolas and patios are now becoming more important than ever. If you are looking to give an update on your home, you should not overlook your pergola. There are several builders of pergolas Newcastle has today that can create modern and stylish designs to suit your home’s aesthetics.

Design for Longevity

Taking the right design approach for pergolas in Newcastle is a smart choice. When you think about investing in the best Nova Scape Landscaping in Newcastle, the first thing that often comes to mind is the aesthetic design. But design is more than just the aesthetic value – it also refers to the maintenance and use. Therefore, a good pergola design must be built for longevity.

Choose a design that is suited for ease of maintenance. For example, a heavy-gauge extruded aluminum is the number one choice for constructing pergolas Newcastle has today. This material offers premium quality, maximum longevity, and minimal maintenance. Builders of pergolas also recommend using powder-coated paint to fight rust or deterioration. For those who insist on using a treated lumber as material, you must be aware that it will require a lot of maintenance. The lumber must be re-painted or refinished once every 3 to 4 years. The same is true with wooden pergolas.

Other Considerations

When hiring contractors to install pergolas Newcastle offers today, you must take note of these important considerations:

  • Determine the angle of the sun. You need to inspect the angle of the sun throughout a given day and in various seasons. Once you have determined the right angle, you will be able to determine if you need to install additional forms of sun protection such as a curtain or decorative header.

  • Invest in smart pergolas. If you have the budget for it, make your pergola adjust with the modern trends by incorporating smart design elements into it. For example, pergolas can have a pivoting mechanism that can be adjusted according to your needs. You can also install a rain sensor that will provide waterproof coverage to your outdoor space.

  • Sliding sun roof is also another modern option. Aside from building a smart pergola, another option would be to build a sliding sun roof. This will provide you with more flexibility in terms of using your outdoor space. During the summer, if you want to make the area open and allow natural light and air in, you can take off the roof. But for winter or on rainy days, you can simply put the roof back on. This type of pergola design, therefore, brings more flexibility into this space so you can cover (or uncover) it to suit your needs.

Do you need to build a pergola in your home? Or is it time to update the look of your existing pergola? Since the pergola is the focal point in your outdoor space design, you can find pergolas in Newcastle that are of premium quality and longevity. To get more expert tips on installing a pergola, you can visit http://novascapelandscaping.com.au/pergolas-newcastle/.


Learning which Type of Signage would Suit your Business

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People accept that with the industrial revolution in every country and the increasing level of improvement in technology, they have been able to access places or markets which were not accessible before. Mainly they talk about the highways, flyovers and most commonly, roads within the city. This is necessarily true. The building of highways, flyovers, bridges and roads have allowed people from small cities or villages to access the urban market as producers or manufacturers as well as consumers. But this increasing number of roads has also benefitted the producers in the urban sectors mainly in a way which everyone has noticed but failed to observe. It is the advertising of the companies through huge sign boards at the side of the roads and highways – created by almost every sign maker Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and other cities have today – which has taken the globalization of the markets to a new level.

Art – not anymore for galleries

Not very long ago, art was seen and auctioned in exhibitions. Today, sign making is itself an art, and their viewing is not restricted to the elite. These signs play the role of the pawns of advertisement because they make the first move to catch the attention of customers. Colors, designs, patterns, theme, etc., whatever exist in real art, are also becoming somehow a compulsory in sign making.

Art plus engineering

This art of sign making involves not only a creative mind but also skillful engineering hands. Checking out the Manhattan streets during the night would prove this idea. This field is no more restricted to good painters and designers. With the rapid development of this new industry, it could rather be said, a sign company Perth for LED signs, for example, requires a high level of engineering skills and from time to time provided employment to a major portion of the population.

Different types of signs

There are different signs available for customers like LED signs, light box signs, neon signs, billboard signs, sky signs, solar powered signs, and much more. Customers who themselves come from various professions, come and place their orders according to their needs. Some come for restaurant signs, some from clothing stores, and some also from barber shops. There are designs available for every group and every budget.

What category of a signage is required

As mentioned before, sign-making requires professionals from varied fields. To narrow them down to a few, by taking the sign maker Perth based offices as an example, the divisions of the team can be narrowed down to a following –

· There is a division which employs building sign writers in Perth to specialize in signs to be hung on building walls.

· Another division specialises in digital sign company design Perth based, which makes use of LED lights and other technologies for creating impressive boards.

· There are separate divisions for smaller projects like sign boards outside restaurants.

· For even smaller projects like creating EXIT or ENTRY signs for offices or restaurants, there exists a separate division.

For more info on any sign maker Perth currently has, check out http://www.kingman.com.au/.


Understanding Bitcode for iOS Applications

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Before the iPhone, Apple’s predominant compiler technology used GCC to compile Objective-C applications down to native executable code that was specific to the computers’s processor. The compiler produced executable “fat binaries” — equivalent to exe files on Windows and ELF on Linux – but unlike those, a fat binary can contain multiple versions of the same program; so the same executable file could run on different processors. It’s primarily this technology which allowed Apple to migrate from PowerPC to PowerPC64, and then onto Intel (and later Intel64). The downside of this approach is that there are multiple copies of the executable stored in the file, most of which won’t be used. These were marketed under the “Universal Binary” name — while the term was initially used to mean both PowerPC and Intel support, it was later repurposed to mean both Intel 32-bit and 64-bit support. In a fat binary, the runtime dynamically selects the right version of the code; but the application carries extra weight in case it is used on a different processor. Various thinning utilities (such as lipo) can be used to remove incompatible processor code as a means of reducing the size of the executable. These didn’t change the behaviour of the application, just the size.

With mobile devices the code size becomes more important, mainly because the device itself has much less storage space than a typical hard drive. As Apple moved from the original ARM processor to the custom A4 processor and onwards, the instruction set changed and different versions of code were used. These options are transparently set in Xcode based on the minimum level of iOS support and the resulting binaries will contain multiple variants.

The increasing importance of bitcode — and the migration towards LLVM — started happening several years go, when Apple decided to move from GCC to invest heavily in the LLVM tool chain and infrastructure. This initially took the place of compiling GPU specific code for OpenGL but then later extended to the Clang compiler. As support for Objective-C grew, it became a default first for Xcode and then started driving improvements to the Objective-C language at the same time.

This unlocked the potential for a complete LLVM based tool chain to compile iOS applications. LLVM provides a virtual instruction set that can be translated to (and optimised for) a specific processor architecture. The generic instruction set also has several representation forms: it can be stored in a textual based assembler format called IR (like assembly) or translated to a binary format (like an object file). It is this binary format that is called bitcode.

Bitcode differs from a traditional executable instruction set in that it maintains type of functions and signatures. Instead of (for example) a set of boolean fields could be compressed into a single byte in a traditional instruction set, but are kept separate in bitcode. In addition, logical operations (such as setting a register to zero) have their logical representation of $R=0; when this is translated to a specific instruction set it can be replaced with an optimised form of xor eax,eax. (This has the same effect — setting a register’s value to zero — but encodes the operation in fewer bytes than a direct assignment would take.)

However, bitcode is not completely architecture or calling convention independent. The size of registers is a fairly important property in an instruction set; more data can be stored in a 64-bit register than a 32-bit register. Generated bit code for a 64-bit platform will therefore look different than bit code generated for a 32-bit platform. In addition, calling conventions can be defined for both function calls and function definitions; this specifies (for example) whether the arguments are passed on the stack or as register values. Some languages also use pre-processor directives such as sizeof(long) which are translated before they even hit the generated bit code layer. In general, for a 64-bit platform that supports the fastcc convention will have compatible bit code.

So why does Apple require bitcode uploads for the watchOS and tvOS? Well, by moving the uploads to a centralised Apple server it is possible for Apple to optimise the binaries between compilation with Xcode and delivery to the target device. It’s also possible for developers to upload multiple variants and instead of packaging them into a single delivery (which would take up more space on the device). Finally, it also allows Apple to perform the code-signing of the application on the server side, without exposing any keys to the end developer.

The other main advantage of performing server side optimisation is to take advantage of whole and inter module optimisation. When using a statically compiled language without a dynamic runtime component the target of a function or method call can often be proven directly, allowing the table indirection to be avoided and be replaced with an equivalent direct call. This in turn opens up additional peephole optimisations that allow the function to be optimised further; for example, if it can be proven that a caller has a non-null value then null checks in the called function can be optimised away. Such optimisations are typically enabled through the use of -O flags at compile time, but will often just optimise the content of private functions within the same file. Whole module optimisation can consider optimisations across all functions within the same module, but will stop short of module boundaries (such as the dependencies on external frameworks). Inter module optimisations allow the code from different modules to be in-lined and then optimised further.

Each step up the optimisation chain provides more and more benefits but takes correspondingly more and more time to process. By offering optimisation-as-a-service and integrating it within the app store process, Apple allows developers to take advantage of compiler optimisations that may be prohibitively expensive to run at development time but can be batch processed by Apple’s servers at App Store provisioning time.

Perhaps more interestingly, it allows future optimisations to be developed after the application is uploaded and then have the application re-optimised to produce a faster or smaller application executable in future. Bitcode will provide Apple with a wealth of test cases for optimisation experiments; instead of having to construct examples from scratch they will be able to use real world code bases.

Finally, the bitcode on the server can be translated to support new architectures and instruction sets as they evolve. Provided that they maintain the calling convention and size of the alignment and words, a bitcode application might be translated into different architecture types and optimised specifically for a new processor. If standard libraries for math and vector routines are used, these can be optimised into processor specific vector instructions to gain the best performance for a given application. The optimisers might even generate multiple different encodings and judge based on size or execution speed.

Bitcode also has some disadvantages. Developers can debug crash reports from applications by storing copies of the debug symbols corresponding to the binary that was shipped to Apple. When a crash happens in a given stack, the developer can restore the original stack trace by symbolicating the crash report, using these debug symbols. However, the symbols are a by-product of translating the intermediate form to the binary; but if that step is done on the server, this information is lost. Apple provides a crash reporting service (InfoQ covered the purchase of TestFlight last year) that can play the part of the debugger, provided that the developer has uploaded the debug symbols at the time of application publication. The fact that the developer never sees the exact binary means that they may not be able to test for speciic issues as new hardware evolves. There are also some concerns about ceding power to Apple to perform compilation – including the ability to inject additional routines or code snippets – but since Apple is in full control of the publication process these are currently possible whether or not the developer uses bitcode or compiled binaries.

In addition, Apple’s initial roll-out of the bitcode and app thinning service was put on hold, because issues in upgrading from one type of hardware to a different type of hardware didn’t restore the right versions of binaries. This issue was subsequently fixed with iOS 9.0.2 and the feature re-enabled


Meet Apple Watch, the new Apple smartwatch with a clever new navigation scheme

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It’s called the Apple Watch, it looks like a luxurious synthesis of technology and traditional timepiece craftsmanship, and it uses a “digital crown” to navigate through lists and zoom in on data. Apple finally announced its long-awaited smartwatch on Tuesday, and, boom, just like that, the center of gravity of the shaky wearables market has shifted in a seismic reset.

No, not because the watch looks that revolutionary. It’s because this is an Apple smartwatch. And for better or worse, this is the new wearable’s most important feature.

The new Apple “this changes everything” device starts at $350, and will be available early next year. But here’s the kicker for potential fence sitters: Apple Watch supports the new Apple Pay system, so you can quickly purchase items from retailers ranging from Bloomingdales to Staples with a flick of your wrist.

Apple Watch will come in three different models—from a baseline version to an ultra-luxe 18K gold edition—and six different bands will allow a wide degree of personal customization. “Taptic” feedback puts pressure on your wrist for iPhone notifications, and can even send signals to turn left or right in the watch’s navigation app.

And, yes, this gadget requires an iPhone to work.

In many ways, the Apple Watch feature set looks like it was borrowed from other smartwatch companies. Dig: The gadget tracks your steps and heart rate. It displays smartphone notifications. But Apple’s message is that Apple Watch does all these things better than the competition. And with its perfectly contoured edges, luxury materials, and nifty new UI, it’s got all the visual trappings of another “God device” from Apple. That’s a potentially transcendent advantage that could send competing wearable-tech manufacturers back to their drafting tables.

A physical dial replaces some of your finger taps

Tim Cook proclaimed Apple Watch will “redefine what people expect from its category” and that the wearable is the “next chapter in Apple’s story.” To help achieve such lofty goals, the Apple Watch doesn’t ditch third-party apps—which are always so difficult to implement on wearables—but instead reimagines the smartwatch UI. The key is a new “Digital Crown” that’s used to navigate the teeny-tiny visual elements on the curved, sapphire display.

The new crown translates rotary movement into digital data. But that’s just tech speak for a new navigation scheme that might solve the problem of swiping through icons on a necessarily minuscule display. The crown can be used to zoom in on interface elements and scroll through content—actions that would otherwise require finger gestures in a less advanced UI.

The Apple Watch will come in two case sizes (38mm and 48mm heights), but Apple didn’t mention specifics about display dimensions or resolution, through we know the display is a flexible Retina display underneath a single crystal of sapphire. Regardless, anyone who’s ever used a smartwatch knows new navigation paradigms are welcome.

It’s not so much a watch as an experience

Apple’s grand reveal was relatively light on details, and perhaps the Apple Watch’s most killer feature—Apple Pay support—was tacked on at the very end of the event, as if a last-minute afterthought. There were no details on internal specs, but we learned this wearable doesn’t include a camera, as its main photo feature is a scheme that turns your watchface into a slideshow for your iPhone photos.

That said, Apple did riff at length about industrial design, and highlighted some built-in software features and third-party apps.

Siri voice dictation will let you send iMessages to friends (among other common Siri tricks). There’s also a Digital Touch feature that lets you create something of a walkie-talkie-like connection with your pals. It’s Apple’s new method for sending customized emoji and quick little finger doodles composed with digital ink. And—awwww—with Digital Touch you can even send a visual representation of your heartbeat to loved ones.

Health and fitness features consumed a large portion of Apple’s Watch presentation, but Apple never really delved into the accuracy of its sensor technology. This is a critical area to watch, as activity-tracking features are so unreliable in competing smartwatches. Nevertheless, Apple Watch includes a heart rate sensor and accelerometer onboard, and handshakes with the iPhone’s GPS to track and reveal various activity metrics.

A Move ring displays your daily calorie burn. An Exercise ring tells you how active you’ve been. And a Stand ring reports the embarrassment of your sedentary lifestyle. Once you meet your daily goals for each ring, you earn an achievement, and the ring goes away. There’s also a separate workout app that reveals how far, how fast, and how long you’ve been exercising.

If you’re already a fan of activity-tracking wearables, you know none of these features are revolutionary at face value. But if Apple can deliver a software interface that people love, it will solve an elusive user-experience puzzle.


Apple’s iPhone 7 was world’s best-selling smartphone

Posted by Scott on June 20, 2017 in iPhone |

Data collected by Strategy Analytics notes that global smartphone shipments reached 353.3 million units in the first quarter of 2017. Of that 353.3 million, 21.5 million were the iPhone 7, with 17.4 million the iPhone 7 Plus.

Given those figures, the iPhone 7 claimed 6.1 percent of global smartphone sales, with the iPhone 7 Plus taking 4.9 percent. Rounding out the top 5 are the Oppo R9s at 2.5 percent, and the midrange 2016 Samsung Galaxy J3 and J5 taking 1.7 and 1.4 percent respectively.

The Oppo R9s retails for around $425. The Galaxy J5 sells for $180 with the J3 retailing for $150.

On April 26, Apple announced its second fiscal quarter results. During the quarter, the company sold 50.8 million iPhones, but as usual did not break down by model.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the declining second quarter iPhone sales year-over-year partly because of more frequent, and earlier leaks of details for future products. The “iPhone 8” rumor mill started in December of 2015, shortly after the release of the iPhone 6s.